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Recovery Coach Training

Our year-long coach training combines best practices in professional coaching with best practices in addiction recovery. Our training is approved by the International Coach Federation for 100-hours. Graduates receive both a diploma and a certificate that indicates they are a Certified Recovery Coach. Be sure to check out our FAQs.

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We offer currently offer two coaching-based groups: one for women with PTSD and one on Harm Reduction skills. We interview each potential member and design the group to meet their specific wants and needs.  Participation allows you to learn and apply concepts and skills in a safe setting, while learning from both group leaders and other participants.

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Looking for a recovery coach? Search a listing of our of students and grads to find someone who will meet your needs!  We have a powerful assortment of fabulous coaches.

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Approved by the International Coaching Federation, this program is brought to you by the founder of professional Recovery Coaching, Alida Schuyler.

Our Recovery Coach Training program is approved by the International Coach Federation for 100 hours of coach-specific training.

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"Alida, I wanted to tell you that I noticed a huge shift in my coaching today. I noticed that I was coaching with detachment from outcomes and with increased curiosity about what is really going on for the client. I was using more intuitive reflection, summaries, and asking better questions. I probed for articulation when asking them to describe their recovery commitment - not accepting general or vague answers. This surprised me and I feel engaged with coaching in a new way, and am excited to continue.

In the last module (Mod 4) I was given the gift of greater freedom “from the obsession of self” and healing from old patterns. It was a timely precursor to your return from India, and the way you described in class specifically how to be an effective coach. You are not only a master coach, Alida, but also a wonderful teacher. It is our blessing that you have renewed your commitment to ‘train the next generation of addiction professionals’. Thank you for your gift."

─ Angela von Werder, Bowen Island, BC Canada