About Alida

Alida Schuyler MS, PCC, is a leading expert, trainer, speaker and consultant for Recovery Life Coaching worldwide. She is co-founder of Recovery Coaches International and Director of Crossroads Recovery Coaching Inc. Her company provides consulting and coaching services to select treatment centers on the cutting edge who wish to be known for protecting their patients' investment in treatment. Alida Schuyler provides private coaching to select individuals.

Alida's coaching reflects her vast life experience. She is in long-term addiction recovery and is a life-long learner. She studied art and psychology at Berea College, and has a Master's in Library Science from the the University of Kentucky. Alida also studied pre-med and had three semesters of medical school. She took courses in addiction at a Seattle community college. She studied clinical hypnotherapy at the Wellness Institute and in 2004 became certified as an advanced clinical hypnotherapist.

Under the tutelage of Rev. Jacque Metheany from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Alida studied energy and consciousness for five years. Her training in life coaching came from the Academy of Coach Training (now InviteChange). She is certified by the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach.  All of this education and training informs her practice and provides reliable depth to her services.

Crossroads Recovery Coaching Faculty

Alida Schuyler MS, PCC, MRLC, Mentor Coach, & Owner Crossroads Recovery Coaching Inc.

Mark Scannell, PhD, ACC

Lianne MacGregor (in training)