Vanessa Klugman MD



Phone: 1 (708) 267-6726

Time Zone: Central

Number of Years Coaching: 3 years or less

Coaching Modalities: Phone, Skype/FaceTime, In-person

Coach Training Education: Crossroads Recovery Coaching Graduate

Other Education:  I have a BA in Biology from University if Chicago and an MD from University of Illinois. I practiced as an endocrinologist for 22 years. Additionally I teach mindfulness at a rehab center in Chicago.

Bio / Description of Coaching Practice: My calling in life has been to alleviate the suffering of others. As a physician for 27 years, I sought to ease the physical and emotional pain of my patients. As a recovery coach I support my clients in finding resilience in their recovery. During my recovery, I have grown, learned and transformed limiting core beliefs and I guide my clients in doing the same. I meet my clients wherever they are in their process and support them in their goals of harm reduction and/ or abstinence. I offer my clients a space of unconditional acceptance, where I focus on building self awareness, defining goals and maximizing fulfillment and balance in all aspects of life.

Focus Areas:

  • Harm reduction

  • Burnout

  • Health Care Professionals.