Write for us. Guest contributors welcome.


Submission Guidelines for the Crossroads Recovery Coaching Community and Blog.

We welcome contributions. Writing for us, you can share your experience, your expertise, connect with our large community, and reach your professional goals.

Our coaching community and online presence are all about championing and sustaining recovery. The field of recovery coaching supports clients who are navigating recovery from an addiction to alcohol and substance abuse, co-dependency in relationships, eating disorders, addictions to the internet, shopping, pornography, or gambling - as well as their family members.

Among our readers there are undoubtedly many opinions, experiences, and insights worth sharing with others. We would love to hear from you about your story or your expertise; and we invite you to become a guest blogger on our website.

We have a few simple requests and editorial guidelines.

  1. Be real and authentic with what you choose to share and tell us a story that people can relate to.

  2. Write in first person and state the main point in the first paragraph--and how it relates to the recovery field.

  3. Get familiar with our blog and the Mission of Crossroads. (This is important!)

  4. Choose a topic related to recovery that you are passionate about or may be you a subject matter expert (e.g. #harm-reduction, #opiate-addiction #relapse #addiction #recoveryaftercare).

  5. We welcome posts that run 500 – 1200 words. If your piece is longer, please consider turning it into a series that we can schedule the publication in two or three parts.

  6. Provide a web-friendly size image that complements the post (no larger than 680×380 pixels, approx. 7×4 in). This image must be either a photo that you already own or created, or free for commercial use under Creative Commons CC0. We suggest searching for images like these on websites like PhotoPin, Pixabay, or Stock Up. Please do not use an image you found on Google, as the likelihood that it is a royalty-free image is very slim.

  7. Include a suggested headline.

  8. Include relevant hyperlinks when possible (e.g., to data cited, to credible 3rd party sources).

  9. Author should Include a byline with job title, organization and contact information. Only individuals, not organizations, will be accepted as authors.

  10. Include a 60-100 word bio written in third person. Include a link to your online URL of choice (e.g LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Website/Blog). We want you to have all the credit! We just don’t want blog articles that are too commercial.

  11. Include author’s headshot, preferably square, and under 300 pixels.

  12. We reserve the right to edit for grammar, spelling, and language that is overly self-promotional. Sharing and Showing works best! Invite people to be curious about you and they will seek you out.

  13. We will promote you to our growing fan base on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  14. Please allow for at least a week for our Managing Editor to respond to your inquiry and submission.

We look forward to your submissions and your contributions to this community that is committed to providing people with the resources for a sustainable recovery from addiction!

Further questions? Contact the Managing Editor, deborahellisdrake@gmail.com by email.

Thank you!