Continuing Education for Recovery Coaches and ICF Continuing Education


Establishing a Biopsychosocial Foundation for Recovery

Starts January 2018, a three-month training, providing approximately 30 Internal Coach Federation (ICF) Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours, application approval pending.

This course is intended for recovery coaches who want to help their clients establish a firm foundation in health and wellness as they face the challenges of recovering from addiction.

In the first month we will consider the biological and nutritional needs of those in recovery, with an emphasis on improving mood through food by stabilizing blood sugar, increasing neurotransmitters, and reducing cravings.  We will look at how better sleeping and exercise improve cognition and physical health for recovery clients, and how to effectively coach improvements in health and well-being.  

In month two we will learn more about what brain science has to say about addiction and look at how mild depression and anxiety can be managed through diet, exercise and the use of amino acid supplementation.  We will also look at using mindfulness practices such as meditation and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to reduce anxiety and depression. We’ll consider how to use coaching as a strengths-based support, emphasizing vision and hope to balance the ego reduction aspects of 12-step recovery.  

The third month focuses on coaching to increase your client’s social support, including finding health professionals in traditional and complementary medicine and what to look for in a sponsor, a therapist, a medical doctor, or psychiatrist.  We look at coaching to improve social skills, making friends, and the human need for touch, and discuss how to coach the challenges of relationships in recovery. 

For more information or to apply please email Alida Schuyler.