Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones

  • Email:

  • Phone:1 (720)-314-3543

  • Time Zone: Mountain

  • Number of Years Coaching: 4-10 years

  • Coaching Modalities: Phone, Skype/FaceTime, In-person

  • ICF Credential: None

  • Coach Training Education: Graduate of Crossroads Recovery Coaching

Bio / Description of Coaching Practice: After years of working with families during the intervention and in continuing care, I saw how the cultural addiction paradigm (staying focused only on the addiction problem) trickled down to families: First, having little clarity about their role in the addiction and moving into a stronger role in solutions and the recovery process. Second, families felt responsible for the cultural trickle down which resulted in isolation. So came the idea and eventual birth of The Family Recovery Solution Deep Community. 

Families can come into the Deep Community confidentially, take in numerous resources specific to families with addiction, listen to community chats and engage only when they are ready. Connecting with like-minded others is a first step to breaking the isolation and doing it in a container of safety. Allowing any one person in a family (or numerous folks) to relate to the information at a pace that meets their needs. There are multiple resources (providers) to learn about in the community, or a family can work together through a series of facilitated processes. Together. Down the River of Recovery - a directional path to healing.

When families break the isolation they start the process to break the cycle of addiction. Their efforts focused on what they can do shifts the balance of power. Check it out.

Focus Areas:

  • Harm reduction

  • Family Recovery

  • Codependency

  • Co-occurring Disorders

  • Long-term Recovery,

  • Alternate Recovery

Other Focus Areas:

  • Whole Family Discovery

  • Recovery and Healing starts with connection to likeminded others.