Jeffrey Halliday

Jeffrey Halliday

Jeffrey Halliday

  • Email:

  • Phone: 1 (877) 968-3998

  • Time Zone: Eastern

  • Number of Years Coaching: 3 years or less

  • Coaching Modalities: Phone, Skype/FaceTime, In-person

  • ICF Credential: None

  • Coach Training Education: Graduate of Crossroads Recovery Coaching.

Bio / Description of Coaching Practice: Wisdom Tree Project (WTP) is a social enterprise that emerged from Jeffrey Halliday’s experience with his own addiction and mental health challenges. He has been able to step back from a planned suicide attempt, remain abstinent from alcohol use and make several other major changes in his life in order to stabilize and, subsequently, improve his well-being. WTP began operating in 2015 and is currently working towards its B Corp certification. 

WTP's mission is to listen deeply to individuals that are struggling with addiction and/or other mental health issues, support their unique process of changing the way they live their life, facilitate the creation and sharing of their stories + spark public policy innovation.

Focus Areas:

  • Sex Addictions

  • Harm reduction

  • Family Recovery

  • Money Issues

  • Co-occurring Disorders