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Our groups are coaching-based, not therapy-based. The content for each coaching group is designed to the specific needs of the individuals, and the group experience belongs to the members. We provides a safe place to try on new ideas and practice new behaviors, providing connection and learning that is not available alone.

We provide expertise in addiction and PTSD, or addiction and Harm Reduction. We bring structure, safety and accountability as moderators of the groups.

Here is the format we use (subject to change by group consensus). We meet online, or over the phone. At a typical group meeting...

  • We start with a check-in of highs and lows and review the previous week’s fieldwork.
  • Next is a 15-25 minute introduction of a new topic and any materials for the training session.
  • Then, for the next hour, we discuss and work with the new concepts and materials, sometimes breaking up into pairs or triads.

Our women's PTSD group meets twice a month, while the Harm Reduction group meets weekly. For more information please fill out this form:

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