Lianne MacGregor

Lianne MacGregor

Lianne MacGregor

  • Email:

  • Phone: 1 (919) 265-7644

  • Website:

  • Time Zone: Eastern

  • Number of Years Coaching: 3 years or less

  • Coaching Modalities: Phone, Skype / Face-time, In-Person

  • ICF Credential: ACC

  • Coach Training Education:  Crossroads Recovery Coaching Graduate.  

Bio / Description of Coaching Practice: My recovery coaching practice brings together my work experience in the field of addiction treatment, my advanced degrees in counseling and pastoral care, and my own story of personal recovery, now more than 27 years in the making. I work with clients to design and implement customized plans aimed at addressing their particular challenges with respect to drugs, alcohol, and/or food. If abstinence is the goal, I work with clients to live substance-free; if moderation is the goal, I support clients in the exploration of a “harm reduction” model aimed at minimizing the negative effects of substance misuse. I offer clients a judgement-free approach across the full spectrum of recovery: as they consider their options and clarify their goals, as they embrace abstinence or substance management, and as they widen their focus to include relationships, employment, finances, spirituality, and well-being. 

In addition to working directly with clients considering or already on the path to recovery, I also work with family members, employers, schools, non-profits, mental health organizations, and faith communities

Focus Areas:

  • Harm reduction

  • Family Recovery

  • Long-term Recovery