Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh

  • Email: Coach@MichaelWalsh.com

  • Phone: 1 (250) 896-8494

  • Website: http://www.MichaelWalsh.com

  • Time Zone: Pacific

  • Number of Years Coaching: 4-10 years

  • Coaching Modalities: Phone, In-person

  • ICF Credential: None

  • Coach Training Education: Crossroads Recovery Coaching

Bio / Description of Coaching Practice: Michael provides collaborative change, recovery and case management solutions including recovery coaching and invitational intervention services to individuals, families, employers, treatment centers, disability and occupational health providers, government agencies and private enterprise in Canada.

Focus Areas:

  • Family Recovery

  • Long-term Recovery

Other Focus Area:

  • Invitational Interventions