Nicole Cameron

Nicole Cameron

Nicole Cameron

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  • Phone: 1 (403) 477-9552

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  • Time Zone: Mountain

  • Number of Years Coaching: 4 - 10 years

  • Coaching Modalities: Phone

  • ICF Credential: ACC (Associate Certified Coach)

  • Coach Training Education:  Crossroads Recovery Coaching,  Og Mandino Coaching School

Bio / Description of Coaching Practice: In 2010, I started my coaching practice, Coach with Nicole, and have invested over 10,000 hours serving those seeking help, located all over North America.  My primary objective is to provide a safe, comfortable, and private environment, allowing clients the confidence to start their own journey of uncovering their authenticity and rediscovering their true selves.
As a recovered alcoholic, I have been fortunate enough to have some wonderful teachers, healers, mentors, and coaches.
I assist people to recover from a life of addiction, depression, loneliness, hopelessness, and helplessness by guiding, empowering, and encouraging my clients by accepting where they are and looking to the future to build the life they dream of.

While approximately half of Coach with Nicole clients are those in recovery and are invested in creating an amazing new life in sobriety, our services extend to the families, partners, and loved ones of those in recovery, and to those simply seeking to achieve more out of life.

Coach with Nicole offers amazing and flexible coaching programs, and they are tailored to meet your needs and agenda, including three-month, six-month, and one-year engagements.

Focus Areas:

  • Long Term Recovery

  • Alternative Recovery