Winter 2018 starts Monday, January 29th

Winter 2018 Recovery Coaching Certification Training Module One (with Orientation) starts Monday, January 29th, 2018, 9:00-11:00 am Pacific Time, that's 12:00-2:00 pm Eastern Time.

  • What: Module One of a six-module 100-hour curriculum that includes 60+ hours in ICF core competencies
  • Where: Live Conference Call
  • When: Monday, January 29th, 2018, 9:00-11:00 am Pacific Time, that's 12:00-2:00 pm Eastern Time.
  • Tuition: Total tuition for six module training - $4,600.00, plus a one-time $100 registration fee. Payment plans are available

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When I first heard about Crossroads, I had just completed 9 months of intensive life coach training, plus training in ADD and also Life Purpose Coaching—where I realized that family recovery was my main coaching interest. I was not anxious to enroll in another expensive coaching program, and I feared that Crossroads’ program might be too basic for me, so I took a local Recovery Support Specialist training instead. There I did gain skills for connecting addicts to community resources, but throughout the training, the trainer kept saying to the participants, 'Well, you can’t help with that, but Beverly can because she is a life coach.'

When I completed that training I still didn’t feel prepared. I knew that I was a good coach, but felt I was missing crucial pieces of information about how to truly help addicts and family members. As my recovery client list grew, it was clear that I needed deeper understanding of their special coaching needs. So, I reluctantly decided to enroll in the Crossroads Recovery Coaching Certification course.

Frankly, I have never looked back. From module one, I learned things that were immediately applicable to my coaching clients. The interesting thing about the program was that there were people in it who were experts in addiction and novice coaches and people like me who had logged hundreds of coaching hours but wanted to learn more about addiction. I was most surprised by the fact that there seemed to be something valuable in the course for all of us regardless of our starting point!

I found everything in the course to be useful and much of it immediately applicable to my work with clients. From the reading list, to the class discussions, to the interactive lessons, to the hour of coaching practice we experienced each week, this program raised my level of competence as a coach considerably and impacted my clients tremendously.

I often tell people that the best thing about my coaching education was this program, because it gave me coaching expertise in the recovery field, ongoing coaching practice and feedback, the opportunity to get coached on my own stuff regularly as a part of the class, and last, but not least, a broadened knowledge base about addiction, recovery, and related fields.

I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to be an expert recovery coach, because the focus in the course is just that: coaching those facing addiction and their families. Before I took this course, I called myself a recovery coach because I wanted to coach people in recovery. Now I call myself a recovery coach because I do confidently and effectively take addicts and family members to the next level—and that is the great gift of this course.

— Beverly Buncher, Florida